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I agree but you guys are calling the axe the focus in this example, when its more like a cadillac vs a bmw. The axe does not only have equal performance, it also has all of the other features and build quality that the geo or whatever has. It has a clamping feedneck, purging asa, all the tournament modes, lacking a barrel kit I guess so you can argue that one. It is milled down, lightweight and all that jazz. I dont understand the argument of it not being on par aside from name and price.
I believe then, that the perception of high end is based more on high price tag and relative exclusivity/rarity, rather than true performance. The axe may be able to hold its own vs all the more expensive and rare markers, but it's not perceived as high end simply because its more affordable and in wide use.

The term "high end" may also be subjective to the user's perceptions. I shoot autocockers almost exclusively, and will bring out my Evolution now and then. It was and is considered by some to be a high end mech, yet I've gotten a few looks of bewilderment from younger players, wondering how I have the courage the play against the high rof electros with a simple mech that cannot ramp.

I've never played with a true electro, but I personally consider them all high end when compared to my autocockers. I just saw an intimidator up close for the first time, and that beast seems very high end compared to my Evo.
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Someone finally realized that I unbanned cockerpunk many many moons ago.
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YOU MOTHER****ER!!!!! That was one of my best bans ever!!!!
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Mostly mechanical autocockers

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