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Originally Posted by russc View Post
"BAM! BAM!" Normally I say "barrel tag, you're out!" otherwise guys have no idea what's happening! I guess you didn't have much time to say more on that drive-by...
Hehehehe(girlish giggle), russc watched my vid. It was a scenario run by airsoft refs and i was instructed to say bam or bang. I know it gets confusing but yeah I was running like the dickens. Back story behind those barrel tags. I actually had heatstroke or severe dehydration about 30 min before that. I was in a bad state. I got a bit better and found random gatorade bottles around our staging area went and washed them out and filled them up. Had about 12 or so in a drawstring bag, no gun. I was literally dodging enemy fire and advancing to friendlies on the front lines handing out the water to those who needed it. Eventually I got passed the front line and was leading a charge. When I the enemy saw me, I was so close they though I was a friendly and were flagging me down. Thats why I hesistated because I saw two guys and neither were firing, thats when I took off. The third guy literally was looking at me and was frozen as I was charging him. Then he slowly started to bring up his gun but it was too late I was already in front of him.
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