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Originally Posted by Talfuchre View Post
Just play like always - you will be fine.

1) Never go toe to toe with an electro.
2) Let them forget about you - and kill.
3) Rely on your snap shooting skills - then you can kill - if you can't - GET BETTER.
4) Never come out of the same spot too many times - play all edges of the bunker (except the top - and even that can be played now and again).
5) Don't think your AT makes you an electro - it doesn't. Shoot lanes with it off the break - and shoot people in the open with it - other than that - forget it.

You will get it.

I agree with all of this. In fact basically all that can be applied to woods as well

I double agree with falcon as well. Thats one reason i prefer mixed gun games over pumpers. Pumpers are scary. Ive grown accustomed to coping ROF so much so that if i were to go to an all pump game i thinkbit would flip my strategy on its head
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