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Random sale: Softgoods - A-5 parts - Hoppers

Thanks for visiting

UPDATE 11/14/12: Items gone.

My general rules/guidelines
1. Please post here & pm, thanks.
2. Prices are pretty well set... mostly. If you really think they're high, shoot me a pm.
3. Paypal preferred (I eat fees), USPS M.O. accepted (I ship after it clears).
4. Add $3 for shipping via USPS (w/ delivery confirmation) for the lower 48. Buy one item or seven... it's $3.
* If anyone outside the lower 48 wants anything LMK, I'll check on extra shipping charges for them.


JT Flex parts - Olive, tan, white, clear, IZE brown frames/bottoms
DYE UL .684 Barrel Back, cocker threaded
Automag Barrels, centerfeed preferred or any-feed brass

Now down to business:
Everything listed is in good working condition to the best of my knowledge. If you need additional pictures, please don't hesitate to ask.

**Everything left for $33 shipped**

Remote line slide check, worked great last I checked: $4
Custom 98 back cap: $2
Tech T orange Squishy paddles: $6 SOLD
Picatinny rail riser, painted OD green, very good condition: $10
NC Star red/green dot sight, like new, comes w/ box/cloth/battery: $17 SOLD

32* Cyclone hopper: $6
Ricochet Apache, 18v: $17 SOLD
Great hopper, pretty ugly appearance... functions great just rough looking. I bought it used & the guy had painted black over the original camo finish. I put some brown over that so it wasn't so stark against my MC. It has the tab in the feedneck that runs the agitator when a ball passes it, but shuts off when there's no movement or paint is gone, nice feature. Batteries not included.

Redz pod/tank pouch: $10
Includes 2 "Fat Boy" 100 round pods
Special Ops Flatline barrel bag, OD: $5 SOLD
Never used. Could go on anything w/ a shroud... or for a launcher.
Army surplus sling: $3
OD w/ black plastic hardware & metal clasps. Adjusts from 27" out to approx. 44".
Special Ops pod "pack": $8
Used once, can hardly tell. Black, three elastic sleeves for pods, one plastic hook. Elastic & velcro make it adjustable from skinny to not skinny. I used it for 50 rounders, it did great I just prefer a chest rig for that sort of thing.
Special Ops D-Day German bandana: $7
Never opened - If I remember right these are a bit bigger than a standard bandana & made from a satin/microfiber type material, not cotton. Reversible as well, OD on one side, dark grey on other. If you are seriously interested, I can open to confirm details.
Voodoo Tactical utility pouch: $5
It started as ACU but I painted it tan & applied some MC fabric so it would match my kit.
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