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I might have worked in side arms... But it was already tried with .43 caliber - didn't take off. KEE tried it with .55 caliber. - didn't take off. Heck didn't work with .50 caliber when it came out originally in the 1980's.

.60 caliber eventually failed.

The .63 caliber football shape never took off either.

the .80 caliber from Brass Eagle was a flop.


Where to fields make money? Paint sales. What's the best paint? Fresh paint.

Now why would a field waste money, hold some odd calibers that very few use, eventually sell it, to only get bad mouthed for having old bouncy paint? I mean, hell, I hear that complaint about standard .68 caliber paint if it's been sitting for a month.

It doesn't make sense for a field to even bother with the odd sizes. It's why they all fail eventually. Not enough market to have fresh. You don't want to bother with old paint, so people ditch the odd calibers back for .68

Everyone keeps trying, but you just can't get around that one fact. It's a waste of money for the fields to keep odd sizes in inventory. It will go old, people will complain about the paint, and the field will get a bad name for something that's not really their fault. There's just no market. So the best option for them is to not carry it at all.
That makes sense. Didn't realize the range and the lack of breaking was a problem with the .50.
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