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Originally Posted by CCM CHICK View Post
Ssshh! Donít tell. I have it hidden in my garage and I am working on covering up their logo as we speak! We are upgrading from the picnic benches and table clothes we currently have... goiní primetime!

Seriously, That sucks and I feel for them. I can only imagine the headache and general pissed off-ness that comes along with being robbed.

But I ask still again, how in the hell does someone steal a semi truck!?! Shoot, I couldnít drive one if my life depended on it. I hope whoever took it gets caught or at very least gets a friendly visit from Karma.
Geee. all I did was ask a random question. It never crossed my mind that you would take it.

The tractors, especially the newer ones, are easier to drive than they look, but still take a special hand at it. It does suck, but usually once stolen they are taken to a ship and are gone pretty quick if it was really stolen. One of my clients had a new cement pumper truck stolen from their lot. All on film, they even moved the old ones out of the way. 6 months later, it was tracked to Brazil and never seen again.
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