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SOLD Camo Patina K-frame PGP SOLD

Today I have for sale a very nice looking K-frame PGP with a patina unlike any other I've seen.

The patina and "cram 'n jam" body work was done by MaD on this forum. I also had it fixed and tuned by WALZ, so it pierces and shoots with no leaks, and gets at least 20 shots per 12 gram (I have no idea what it's chrono'd at, as I haven't gotten to the field lately). It also has a Sergison K-frame in near perfect condition (aside from a missing medallion in one of the grip panels, I can find a new one for you on ebay if needed), and the body is in good condition aside from wear on the patina where the pump is. I would like $250 shipped OBO. I haven't been on in a while, so if my price is too high for the market nowadays, please let me know. For payment, check or money order would be preferred. Additionally, the price will be noticeably reduced if you can pay in bitcoins.
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