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Good/Bad Customer Service Experiences

What paintball companies have you had good customer service experiences with? Which ones were negative?

I haven't had any particularly bad ones yet, but I've had two REALLY good ones:

1) Lower reg seal in my Kaos-P regulator blew. I called Azodin, and the phone was answered on the second ring. I told them what was wrong (expecting to get a new o-ring), and was told "Okay, what's your address and I'll send you a rebuild parts kit". It showed up the very next day.

2) I bought a used Ion off Craigslist, and the kid who had it didn't know how to install his CP trigger. It was just the trigger, the screw, and the threaded it flopped ALL over the damn place. Called CP, the phone was answered right away, and I was told "Okay, send me your mailing address to this email with a note about what you need and I'll get it right out". Two days later I got an envelope with every single piece that comes with a new trigger aside from the actual trigger itself.

So far, Azodin and CP are both tops in my book.
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