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The good:

Azodin- pump arm snapped, sent them an email, had a response within 24 hours,
. They asked me what part I needed and within a day or say they had the part shipped out and I recieved the part a few days later.

CCM- we all know they rock. When I bought my T2, Mel was on the ball with pm's when I had a few questions about it when I got it and I emailed her, she replied back super fast.

Ninja- thought my tank was broken so I called them, they answered right away and answered my question right away. Ended up being nothing.

Ansgear- made a mistake on my order, called them an had the problem fixed right away.

The bad-

Paintball online. I can never get through to them, and when I finally do, they are rude. I hate buying from them.

Dye- they take forever to respond to my emails and even then the info they give me sucks.

I've had a pretty good experience with most companies. There are only a handful of companies I really despise.

I guess I'll add in non paintball companies too.

Best buy- worst customer service ever. It would take me forever to write all my problems I've had with them.

Mossberg- really good customer service.

Apple- they are pretty good at returning emails and usually help fix the problems.

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