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Gen E buzz when firing.

This is a new platform to me so I am somewhat befuddeled. Recently went thru a matrix lcd I purchased, it is bone stock. It hissed out the back when charged so I replaced the stem oring with a #10 ring because that is the nearest thing to a #9 I had. Lubricated uppers with dow33. On to the buzzing.....

Aside from hardly achieveing 200fps I would occasionally make a shot where the whole marker would make a reverberating buzz throughout the entire marker. Now this was not so much a sound as it is a sensation felt. It is not consistant other than it will do it maybe every 10 shots or so. I cant think of anything inside that would make this marker hum like hitting a hollow metal pipe at a far end. FSDO was appauling.

My areas of concern to bounce off of you guys is:
- a #10ring being too large.
- more lubricant or a change there of
- the charging of my regulator

An aside on the regulator: When I went through the cenetflag I noticed an oring stuck inside of the spring of the inlet pin. I cant find any diagrams of the regulator so I assumed it went into the perfectly fit hole ahead of the spring. Is this right period correct buffs?
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