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Originally Posted by Mr.Smith View Post
So my question is, how do these perform?
Hummm... well?

Originally Posted by Mr.Smith View Post
Looking for some input on the Tornado Valve and 2Litre Reg, and the lightning bolt.
The 2Liter is one of if not the best hpr on the market. High flowing and consistent. The Tornado valve is a high flowing valve, as is the Lightning bolt. Using the valve and bolt in combination is a wise choice.

As to the sound level.. Well, all I can think is this. The high flow internals help reduce the air pressure required by increasing the air volume. I guess lower pressure air might sound lower, but I would think a good ball to bore match with enough porting on the barrel tip would make more to lower the sound signature.

It would make an efficient setup.

Looking for:
BPS Reflex parts
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