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Rotor, i3Pros, ProFlex, Shocker Boards, Hybrid Backplate

I need to clear out some stuff I've had for awhile and never use to cut it down to things I will actually use.


Here is a pair of blue i3 Pros with the HD lens and a pair of black Proflexes. The Proflex could use a new lens as the thermal lens on the inside is gone. But it has a new strap. The i3's I never wear, but they have good lens, strap, and foam. The ears have some slight peeling to them.
i3's ARE SOLD.
ProFlex is gone.

I also have a pair of Shocker Boards. GONE

Here is a Hybrid Halo Backplate. I have no need for this in my Halos as I do not like the Hybrid brand at all for messages such as this but I'm sure someone likes them still.

$30obo. I have no idea what these are worth.

See my other threads too for less random stuff for sale.

TRADES: What I'm looking for beyond cash.
09 Impulse
Bomber DM10

Interesting Cockers (Dye Ultralite or SFLs come to mind - I already own an 09 SFL)
07 Minions Red/Black Fade Specifically - 25 Exist, I know the whereabouts of 3 of them.
Ti Boomstick A/C Back
Surprise me with something neat.

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