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I have been asked the question a bunch, and the answer usually drives people away.

Due the the process I use to create the inserts, the ring/lip/shoulder would be a second process and solder job. This adds to my time, and therfore to the cost of the insert.

Even if I just charge an extra $10 to machine the shoulder, solder and then machine it to final form, most people are unwilling to pay $40 per insert. (As it stands, by business advisore is furious with me... The inserts should actually be $48 each, according to her calculations and standard shop rate... No one tell her I am still selling them for $30 )

Now, the reality... If I spend another 15 minutes... That means $15 plus material used (We will call it $0 for now, as I would have to work it out before I can get a reasonable figure) We are talking $45 per insert.

If that figure is acceptable, I will be more than happy to eat the material, and do the work.


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Brass Freak compatible and Equation inserts in .670, .680, .678 (on request), and .685 (As I no longer have access to the machine to make certain sizes, I will not be replacing any which go out of stock.)

Still selling brass tubing, with .678 barrel stock now available!

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