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I believe elements of both martial arts, and all martial arts for that matter, would benefit anyone in law enforcement. Our instructor has taught the LAPD and Sheriff's dept about how to properly apply a rear naked choke so that one doesn't accidentally crush the windpipe, an unfortunate, but common occurrence when applied improperly.

Every situation will require the appropriate response. More options is better.

Many law enforcement officers actually train independently in multiple arts, at least the ones I know. It's also a great way to stay in shape.

Many places offer a free first class. I always tell prospective students to take advantage of the free classe to see what arts appeal to them. I've had students come in and say they don't like the grappling aspects of brazilian jiu jitsu and would rather learn a striking art like Kenpo or muy thai. I've also had students come in from backgrounds in shotokan karate and say they prefer grappling. It's also a matter of personal preference, what classes are affordable with convenient access, and what classes have convenient schedules.
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