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WTF paintball, Valken and RT Mag

Pm me with offers please.

Rt Mag with level seven bolt. It has a slight bit of bolt stick I have been unable to remove 160.00

WTF molle Tib 8 3 mag holder 10.00

WTF molle 3 pod holder 10.00

WTF/DBD molle 10 round tube shingle 20.00

Valken 3 Pod molle pouch 15.00

Valken molle tank holder 10.00

Warsenor molle vest 10.00

DBD paintball pants medium well used 70.00 SOLD

12 gram quick changers 5.00/each SOLD

All prices do not include shipping. Only trade I would be interested in is an e-cocker.

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