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^^^ if they would have just said-

"This is going to be a new format, designed for new players and beginner groups... to lessen the sting and to lessen the bruises... OR for advanced players that don't mind trading range for capacity...."

It would have done MUCH better. Then, when paintball players start whining -

"Well hurrr.... you don't get the range of .68!!!" - no kidding, they already said that. You lose range, but you gain capacity

"Well hurrr..... the splat is not as big!!!" - no kidding, it's smaller so there is less impact and a smaller bruise for the beginner/first time player

I was so excited when .50 cal first came out... then when I saw that happened with the 3 different companies all pulling it different directions (KEE, Kingman & GI Milsim), I just shook my head in disgust.

At least KEE is doing something with it. I tell ya, that "splatmaster" ammo is EXTREMELY brittle. It does not like shooting out of either my PE Ego 11 w/ 50 cal Kit @ 300fps, or my Nano @ 300fps. If you crank the velocity above 200fps with this new splatmaster 50 cal brittle shell, it just shreds apart.. Through the splatmaster it's perfect, not so much with a normal 50 cal gun
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