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My First Football Game

Went to a game at a local high school tonight and brought my camera.

Wanted to share my photos. I'm going to try and get permission onto the field, taking photos from the stands is really annoying. That said, I really enjoy shooting candids more. I feel like more people appreciate these random shots than the in-game shots that are a dime a dozen.

Bumped into a friends mom and she asked me if I could get some photos of her daughter in Color Guard, so I said sure!

(all the high res images are on

Just thought I'd share. Been a fun night of shooting. I don't think my ISO dropped under 1000 all night, I'm really amazed at how well this 7D is working.

Also, a girl in the band said my photos look great and she wants me to shoot her homecoming portraits.

Thought I'd share. The end
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