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Bob Long Marq 6 - Stormtrooper, supercharged proficiency engine, and more!

No trades or parting

I'd rate this marker as being in 7.5/10 condition. It is in good working order, lovingly maintained and cleaned. It has only been lubed with Dow 55 and Tri-Flow since I've owned it, and all of the o-rings are in very good condition - no nicks or leaks anywhere. There are some marks on the left side of the body (I tried to highlight them in one of the pics) and at the front of the body by the breech. There is wear on the bottom of the regulator as well. The grips are a little grimy, but are clean - you could probably get some of the grime out with soft scrub if you cared. There is grip tape on the regulator, but it is removable, of course.

Now, for the upgrades:

Supercharged Proficiency Engine with QD pillow bolt
Tadao M8 board, 10bps flash
4C eye system (red laser)
Violent Series ball bearing trigger
rare Marq'd for Death grips

My asking price is $340 shipped/PP'd anywhere in the USA

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