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Wayne's World Grand Finale 2012 Road Trip

I know it's about two months out, but I wanted to post up to see if anyone in the central/southern VA or NC area was interested in heading down to Florida for the 2012 Grand Finale at Wayne's World. I am driving and have room for one and was hoping to find someone interested in attending the game as well. I'm going solo or otherwise, so I figured I'd put out the invitation. I am leaving Richmond Thursday, November 29 after I get off work and driving 4-5 hours that night getting us into Florida somewhere around noon on the 30th. Then I plan on driving back after the event on Sunday, December 2 returning to the Richmond area sometime on Monday the 3rd.

If you'd be interested in riding along/splitting costs, etc. let me know. The Grand Finale is a blast and I will be playing with my teammates from Trigger Happy who are based out of the Tampa Bay area.
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