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Two weeks away

For those camping please consider bringing the following items:

1. Water
2. If everyone brings some split wood we can have a great bon-fire
3. Toilet paper - there is a porta potti but bring what pleases you
4. A chair for sitting around the fire
5. Warm clothes

fyi - Super Stop and Shop and most restaurants, liquor stores are within 3 miles

I am sleeping in the back of my van so if anyone forgets to bring a tent, see me as I will bring one.

What I am bringing:

cooler , with ice
coffee, coffee maker, creamer and sweetner - bring a mug
(4) servings of fish - mako and tuna - let me know if you like fish - first (3) takers get fish. Soaking overnight in milk and will then grill to perfection
Feyd - 1 mako
Me - 1 mako
tuna up fr grabs

Trying to get my kids to make a large apple crisp for desert
Chips and dip
(6) pack of some good Hefeweisen
Anal Tick cream - a preventative measure to insure that ticks do no enter your anal cavity at night and lay eggs which morph into demonic blood sucking creatures. I will give instructions to those that show up.

As usual, if anyone needs any Nelspot parts please let me know as I have plenty of available internal parts.
I come in peace.

aka Craig O

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