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Franky's Autococker and DM4/5/c part out sale

1)you pay i ship(i accept Paypal and USPS money orders)
2)prices are OBO but prices are more flexable if you buy mulitple items(it save me on shipping)
3)Not really looking to trade but trade list is listed below
4)prices include shipping w/delivery confermation(insurence is an extra $2)

Trade list

Drilled 2k+ body kits(Back block/body/front block) with STO/Timmy style feedneck



Blue Super Bolt Body kit - SOLD
Brown/purple-ish and black Superstock drilled body kit -SOLD


Stock WGP 2k+ length $10

Lower Internals

SS Valve,spring, and locking nut $old

hammer(w/rounded lug nut) and spring $10

front block parts

ANS jackhammer Rammer(pink-ish/faded color/shows wear but works great) $10

Psychoballistic adjustable LPR(dye knockoff) $15

WGP Adjustable LPR dust black $20

WGP Brass 3way(no 3way rod/good for parts/barbs) $5

2 full body actuating rods/1 connector peice $8

Frames/frame parts

WGP Select fire set up $100
Wgp select fire frame/Select fire board/eyes/eye covers/Worr Noid

Planet eclipse E1 board $30

E1 stock trigger(fits E1 and Select fire frames) $8 (or free with purchase of the SF kit above)

Superbolt 14in 2peice stock barrel $15

Dye/Xcel 12in 1 peice barrel - SOLD

Scepter barrel kit (14 in tip/.680/.684/.686/.688/.690/.692/.696 inserts) $85

MQ parts/setups
UT board set up form MQ autocockers - SOLD

DM4/5/C parts

DM4/5/c Noid $30

Dm4/5/c eyes $15

DM4 Frame w/ hybird grips,cp sling trigger,trigger switch/battery pack, stock board w/tadao m5 chip $old

DM4 full stock bolt kit $25
DM4 LPR set up $15
DM4 eye covers $5

Random Parts

WGP/check-it Cage on/off $old

Palmer Pursit Female Stab reg $old

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