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Festa's Pointless Gun Build

So I was bored the other day and decided to whip up the most pointless gun setup I could muster given what I had in my possession. May I present the SansPoint 20K Man-Melter:

To start off, I needed a pointless gun. I could think of nothing more pointless to use than my Thumper. You know why. Using that as a base I decided to add some much unneeded "ups".

Mad ups include:
- 18" barrel. Super awesome on a gun that you pump with your thumb.
- Replaced that pesky 12g changer and went to a remote setup. Aww yeah!
- Since Quick-disconnects always get in the way I decided to just screw the check valve straight into the ASA fitting reducer. Sweet weight savings!
- Everyone knows Palmers makes the best Co2 regs so I decided to put one on my remote. Yes! Double regged setup!
- CCI bucket changers come off to quickly and easily, so I opted for the super-many-threaded changer Mattekay gave me. If its not worth taking the time, its not worth unthreading I say!


-Get an open-class feed adapter on there and throw on my APP Sightfeed Dominator 300 round hopper. Hopperball anyone?

Don't be surprised if you see this at the upcoming A Day of Crustaceans game. It'll be pretty sweet
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