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Nice George, can't wait to see what you guys came up with.

I got to work on dialing mine in a little bit today, unfortunately since we were at the field to practice for the TTPL I really only got maybe 20 minutes total to work on it. Got it chrono'd in and I'm still about a foot low and 6-8 inches to the left of where I want it to be but it was still good enough for me to eyeball it and almost headshot Nick, our team's young buck. If he hadn't of pulled a Neo at the last second it would have been golden. Hopefully I get a little more time to play with it this week.

As a side note, since these are still technically prototypes, I would like to take a second to step in and make my first round of suggestions for tweaks to any final "production" version, if such a thing is going to exist:

1) Integral rail. I found out today that bolting your own rail and getting it aligned right is sort of a pain in the ***. Even a little bit off and your shots are landing six feet off of the crosshair. Would be much more painless for everyone I think if the rail were just machined straight into the receiver, or if it at least came with a rail with some sort of alignment dowel to prevent any chance of a crooked mount.

2) CO2 plug could be better, leverage-wise. For Lelands it's not so bad but for shiggles we tried a few Crossmans in it and they were a bitch to get a good clean pierce and seal. Maybe instead of the loop on the end, just a 1.5-2" knurled handle? I know you can just put an allen wrench through the loop but that's one more thing to keep track of on the field and will also eventually cause anno wear.

Those are the two biggies, which really aren't that bad anyway. Thankfully I caught on early that the IVG was reversed compared to other Sniper-based guns, so chronoing in at 280 fps really only took about 3 shots.
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