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lets see...
~Shocker Sport (one of the last made, had every option available, vert feed, delrin bolt and turbo board)
~DM3 w/silver evolve bolt and SCM
~2k4 Frankencocker (tons of aftermarket bits.. but its a 'cocker, so that shouldn't be surprising)
~PneuVentures Shocker (operational, but the noids leak)
~Icarus V1 (prototype marker not built by me)
~AT-85 (Chain-fed Magazine, options for a hopper mag or a sim-mag where paint is loaded into the foregrip, and semi-auto or full auto firing modes, no batteries)
~'05 Alien Remains (re-build in progress, i bought it in as many parts it had, and then some)
~'03 SFT shocker, project "Gemeni" (once i get access to a lathe i'm building my own set of internals. TL;DR version: closed-bolt SFT shocker, without being a Legion Shocker copycat)
~Spyder Shutter (or, whats left of it. lets just say a dremel met the body, and it lost some weight... and a feedneck)
~Closed-Bolt ION (thanks to yoda900's kit)
~Old Impulse, Dye UL frame, Evil Punch. soon to have a re-designed lower-tube (again, access to a lathe)
~PMI Trracer (old Skirmish stock, bought at '12 ION)

making a grand total of 13.... and this post makes me want to sell some....
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