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What was so great about the old Revvies? Honestly, I have no clue about hoppers. Do they sell an equivalent to Revvies, but motor is applied to the motor constantly (C.A.T)..and that's the problem?

If there's a good quality, cheap hopper being sold, but it's only problem is that the motor stays on I would love to know about it. It takes maybe a $1 worth of electronic components to make these things sound activated.

I wouldn't mind posting a full design of cheap radioshack parts if it would help people out. If there's some other problem (i.e. lack of eyes), well that's not a big issue either.
Well they are awesome for Nostalgia, and those old guns like Angels and Shocker sports with HI rise feednecks!!! Just seems wrong to put a Rotor or Prophecy on an old gun.
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