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P0E, sorry, I forgot about your first post in regards to the subject.

You've about got it. The Revolution's main appeal, for me, is that I am a fan of mechanical markers, and all I need is an agitated loader, and there are not a lot of options on the market these days. It's a tried and true design, it's simple and it's reliable. I've used several Revvies in my day, and they are fantastic hoppers. The new one's major problem, in my mind, is that the C.A.T. is annoying and unnecessary. I do not need it or want it going all the time.

In regards to sound activation, the only hopper I liked better than my Revvies was the ORIGINAL Empire Reloader. It was an exact copy of the Revolution, but it was sound activated. It cycled every time my gun did, and I preferred that over the eye system. It also had the soft plastic shell, which was superior to the hard plastic that the later model Revvies used (which cracked often).

The Empire Overdrive DB hopper is close, but it looks tall, and the shells look delicate.
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