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Youtube changes 60 fps to 30 fps... The only benefit is if you slo-mo in your editing. Uploading in 60 fps is pointless.

Much of the broadcast TV is filmed in 720 then upconverted to 1080 for broadcast...

I also record all of my stuff in 5.1 dolby surround sound... but, youtube can't handle that, so it makes it stereo... I've talked to tech support quite a bit trying to get the best possible video quality on youtube, and their system has tons of things it does that people don't realize. But, it is better than most of the others out there, as it plays on just about any device. I'm hoping that when they go to 5.1 surround, my files will work that way, as it is cool when I watch my rendered files in my theater and you can hear guys behind you talking, and then hear movement in front of you from your enemies!

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