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This isn't exactly shocking news, how do you think paintball fields make money? Between paint prices and entry for the day a field needs to get $70ish or more from you to not LOSE money. If you don't like it nobody is forcing you to play there or to even play the sport at all.

At my local field they let you bring your own paint so I can go to the shop and get $45-55/case Valken but then at the field they charge $25 for the day and another $10 for a BYOP fee. If I drive down to CPX in Chicago they charge $80/case but hand out free day passes like candy. Either way I'm looking at $80-90 for a day of play, the money is just going different spots to make sure everyone involved still brings home a profit at the end of the day.

Unless of course you're speaking of Highway Robery; the act of putting on a rob while standing on a highway.

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