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Originally Posted by Mayvik View Post
To be a slight dick...who was not doing their job in this scenario: your mom buying something she didn't need (and signing a contract she didn't understand), or the person who gets paid to sell things?

It is not required for a salesperson to know, let alone explain, all of the possible functions and relationships of a piece of technology.
To be a slight dick back: my mom's "job" is not to know Verizon's products and services, the salesperson is there for that. She knew what she was getting when she signed the contract; she understood that. But the salesperson told her that the only way she'd get mobile data with the tablet was using that MiFi, which was a lie.

I posted this here to get a good range of responses, and those may help me to get different perspectives. I am definitely biased in this situation. Thanks for everyone's input!
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