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Crimson D - Yup! Mine's being made. Had to ask for a special option because I tend to take falls like a YouTube fail compilation video when playing. Last time I was able to smash all my tubes and the paint inside them. I want to make sure the marker is more or less together after one of those.

I'm working with a DYE tactical rig now mixing my stock class and pistol. So far WTFPB has been very nice and let me change a few things on their stock class shingles so it will fit my rig.

Stitch - We wanna see anyway! Time is of no consequence...

What paint do you guys use in the Tpx?
I just tested evil in mine. Works ok so far. Haven't been on the field with it yet
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Because it's SO hard to convince you to get a new gun
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mommy loves her lechooch
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