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Nov 10th, Tango Down: Big Game at Sure Shot, PA

Tango Down is proud to be organizing and running another event for the Wounded Warrior Project
and are extremely thankful to Sure Shot paintball in Quarryville, PA to host it. This event is simply titled
"TANGO DOWN: BIG GAME" and is based on middle eastern scenarios. This is a BIG GAME
but will have elements and situations similar to SCENARIO GAMES.
Although this event had
a late start it's sure to be a good one. Pre-reg early bird is up on Sep 22nd but is to be extended till
the 29th. It's field paint only and it will be Draxxus. Sure Shot has "upgraded" rental markers such as Ions,
SP1s, A5 G36, A5 MP5s, M98-16s, Tacamo AKs, etc. Cool burning smoke only, and in areas with foliage
a ref must place it. 280 FPS, 15 BPS, all modes.

Visit SURE SHOT AT Sure Shot Paintball | Home and pre-register at Sure Shot Paintball | Event Registration

0800 gates open
0830 registration begins
0930 safety brief and game details*
1000 game start
1230 tactical pause (chow)
1315 Op orders (return to cp)
1330 game continues
1545 final battle
1615 game end, prize giveaway

The Pashtun Militia will be fighting for ground and so will the Mahdi Army. Currently generals and XOs are
needed so anyone one with leadership experience feel free to apply. Generals will receive free play
and 1 case of paint, and XOs will receive free play and 1/2 case.
This is a calling to all woodsballers,
mil-simmers, scenario-ists, and the like to come check this one out. Mini missions to include CTF, domination,
"Tango down", assaination, and a few others. All of the fields at Sure Shot will be used in this game with it
being two parts. The first half of the fields will be played in the morning and the second half in the afternoon.
It will start in "Afghanistan" and end in "Iraq". Map to follow. More to Come. Stay alert. Command out.
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