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I sent 2 cocker bodies for wire detent milling. Got them back yesterday. The workmanship is good the price for the work was reasonable. I recieved quick responses to my messages. That is where the good ends. I had a big problem with getting these shipped back to me. I had asked about a status of these and I was asked when did IO need them by. I told him I had wanted to use them the following weekend. Sure no problem you will have them by then. I was told. The Monday after I was supposed to have them I asked again. They will ship tomorrow or the next day I was told. Later that week I asked again. Saturday I was told. This time they actually shipped.

While I understand that things happen but when things happen a bit of information would be nice. The only way I found that these had not shipped is when I asked about them.

Overall Workmanship A
Communication C
Keeping Commitments F-

While the work was good especially for the price I will look elsewhere for any other work I need done.
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