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Relative Efficiency

The following is from an old post I put up in the ICD Desert Fox area. It's from a few years ago, but I think it is still useful information. None of these guns were chronied when I ran the test, but they seemed "pretty close", so take all this for what it's worth.

Originally Posted by ironnerd88 View Post
OK, so I did something kinda weird today. I got a new Cocker and was seeing how many cycles (just cycles, no paint) I could get out of a 12 gram. Answer - 30. Then I thought I would load it up with some Wal-Mart paint (non-Chinese lead free). I got about 28 useful shots. From my old Reb Pump, I got 20. So then I grabbed my Fox (the gas hog) and tried it. Guess what, 25 shots, and it's just as accurate as the cocker... and MORE accurate than my pump (inside, I am crying) ... Just for kicks, I grabbed my Spyder TL loaner gun. 25 shots and louder than the Fox (and it has an after market barrel).

To recap:
Nelson Pump: 20 shots - Loudest
Autococker: 28 shots - Quietest
Fox: 25 shots - 2nd quietest*
Spyder: 25 shots - 2nd loudest

*With the Empire barrel, the Fox was the quietest.

Also, the cheap balls I was using were under .681 (the smallest barrel back I have), so the Cocker and the Nelson both drooled a bit. The Nelson also tended to double feed. The Fox and Spyder, being open bolts, were much more tolerant of tiny paint.

Kind of a fun experiment. I'll do it again once I get them all chronied to about the same speed, and have more paint.
I remember doing this experiment. I waited a second or so between shots, and it was a cool, rainy day - low 70's maybe high 60's. One thing this does point out is that my Reb is WAY out of tune! It's not even as efficient as a SPYDER!

As I said, I'll do it all again when I go to the field (access to chronograph and acceptable paint). The Difference being that this time I will be testing the following guns:

Desert Fox - 20 (no shock)
Reb - 30+ (maybe 35)
Razorback III - 40
Tigershark - 60+ (but probably shooting low)

Note: I loaned the Spyder a couple of years ago - have not seen it since (it's okay, my Bro in Indy is having a B-L-A-S-T with it)

I'll get them all to about the same FPS and using the same paint I'll check them over the chrony.
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