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Originally Posted by ksciupider View Post
Cart valve in backwards?

Originally Posted by tymcneer View Post
The best option is to remove the trigger group (I know this is not what you want to hear.) Use a small nail as a punch to drive the pin out. The reason is, I suspect the spring and spring guide are not going all the way into the trigger group, which would cause the hammer to hold the valve open.

I will look into that. That might be the issue. I solved the Binding issue but you may be onto something.

Originally Posted by MaD View Post
Was this a conversion? My guess on your initial problem was that the spring wasn't actually going into the trigger group. For the leaking issue, does it stop when you pump it again or just vent all the way out? The only seals that can really cause a huge leak on those cart valves would be the 12g face seal and the "cup seal" on the valve.
Custom. Yup it just vents.

I am going to check the spring seating as suggested and the face seal again...

Will report back.
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