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Evil M Body, Parts, Board, AA 'Geddon and a Spyder Grab Bag

Ok, clearing out some more stuff. Willing to take any and all offers. I really need to cut back on the amount of stuff I have laying around. All prices include shipping to the lower 48. I do ship to International but that's on your dime. If you want multiple items make me an offer and we can work on prices. You'd be surprised what I'd take to get this stuff out of here.

Evil M Body - $150

Evil M Noids
-Full Harness $50
-Cut wires $40

Pandora Board $40

RT Valve and Stem $Sold

Viking Tornado Valve and Stem $60

80g Trigger Switch - $10

SCM III - $40

AA Armageddon w/ Swegelok Fittings - $120

Lastly I have an entire picnic table full of spyder parts. It's enough to probably build 5 markers. Phoenix bodies, FBM, polished strikers, eframes, mech frames, va's the whole 9 yards. - $150
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