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Originally Posted by stimpy View Post
no matter where we play, apologies in advance for those in attendance - just found out i'll be covering an underling's desk (i.e. - work) for the whole week preceding this little shindig... attending to the most god-awful ill-conceived and poorly administered concept ever brought to life in the "automotive after-market financial product" industry... hopefully i'll bring a sunny disposition along with a new "configuration" (maybe if i flip-off everyone on the road i pass between sd and JI...). if not - and if i get that new color-keyed mask (yeah, red mask with gray/white/silver/whatever cloths was a fashion faux-pas i don't intend on making again - blame it on the inner-agg) - we'll have mattee change the blurb on the first page to "the silver a**hole" <evil laugh>

oh, and if i do get a new mask, same rules apply as the cloths*

*see mattee's sig
Not in the face, eh? Lol
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