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WGP Swing, Molle, Ariakon Overlord, Extreme Detents, Tippmann Barrel, Halo, Stock


Prices include shipping to the US. Shipping to Canada is a little more but we can work it out. I discount for multiple item purchases.

WGP Swing Trigger Frame - $28 (SOLD)
The frame looks and works great. The grips are in okay shape.

Air-Through Stock - $22 (SOLD)
Great shape, comes with the angled and remote fittings shown.

Condor Foldout Shotgun Shell Pouch (molle back) - $14 (SOLD)
Folds out completely, great for ten-round tubes and 12ies. Looks new aside from the underside of the flap (I think I missed it when I hosed it off last time).

PT Extreme Detents - $10 for all 3 (SOLD)
Brand new, just arrived from ANS after being backordered for 2 months (during which time I sold off the marker they were for). I believe they use the same threads as Cockers but are a bit more shallow.

Ariakon Overlord - $30 (SOLD)
Good physical shape overall, leaks down the barrel when aired. No grips or lower picatinney rail included.

8" Lapco BigShot, Tippmann 98 Threads - $20 (SOLD)
Good shape, just a ding or two at the very tip. Very nice barrel (easily as accurate as the 14" J&J I used to use).

Empire V35 Halo B w/ Rip Drive - $25 (SOLD)
Works flawlessly. Shells have some scuffs and dings but no cracks, battery compartment is totally intact. The shells are clear blue with a black fade spraypainted on the nose; actually looks really good except where there was a sticker on the passenger side (you can see its edges a bit). My recommendation? New sticker of your choice .
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