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-The graphics look amazing. Tanks look cool, everything is lush, models are spectacular. Applause all around.
-The game runs incredibly smooth (for me, anyways). Currently at a LAN party with several friends, and the new system plays incredibly nice.
-The physics are awesome, personally speaking. Sliding down hills, hitting sweet jumps, quick escapes, they're all awesome additions that add a new element to the game.
-The way the tanks handle now, coupled with the changes to the tanks and weapons, means I kind of suck. No biggie, I'll get into the swing of things again soon.
-I have tons of issues with the enormous push for Gold. The menus after matches are very cool, but they also clutter the menu with what you would earn if you were premium; I don't care, I'm not premium, stop adding in extra screens. The camo system, emblems and names are cool (images could use work to look better), but push gold, gold, gold. I understand they're a Free-To-Play, and I'm ok with the Pay-To-Win thing they're doing, but I would prefer it not shoved into my face.
-Other small issues with the user interface; Tech tree seems less stream-lined, no notes telling you how short for credits you are, etc. etc. Things I expect they'll fix in the short future.

All in all, I'm having a blast in my games, even if I'm not doing well. I'm sad that they refunded my camo for my Jumbo, and I now have to purchase three sets for one tank, but those are small complains for the fun I'm having.

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