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It's vert feed so it's usually referred to as a 2K Vert Feed Micro. I can't remember the gen, it would put it at Gen 5 I think? Foregrip is the 1pc gas thru which is good you have it, but I always preferred the seprate grip/asa. The double benchys are oddly enough valued lower than the single ones. Does the RT valve have a level X or Level 7 bolt? I would put the value somewhere around $200. I can't tell from the pic if the valve is a MicroMag RT valve or just a regular RT valve. If Micro, it might add some value. Just for reference there is a pretty mint Micro with a single trigger frame and Micro valve on AO right now listed for $195. It's an older gen, but it still has been for sale for a month or so with no takers.
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