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Originally Posted by Bigtuana View Post
I live in the Fresno area but my brother attends Menlo college over there. I'm not sure what fields are up there but I'd definitely make the trip up there to shoot each other!
Awesome! I could always use more people to shoot at

Originally Posted by Phoenix01 View Post
Congrats on the move, should have a wonderful selection of places to play out there. It is a shame I never got the chance to meet up with you at Jaegers for some fun rec play. Have a safe move.
Thanks, man. Yeah, the timing just never works out. I'm sure I'll have less time with the new job, but whatever

Originally Posted by HyePower View Post
I'm from San Francisco, lived here all my life. Near Mountain View, there are a couple fields. Los Gatos Pursuit Paintball, Santa Clara Paintball. Los Gatos is woodsball, SCP is speedball. Too bad Venture Games is gone, that was an amazing field.
That's a lot more than I thought. I'll have to check some of those out.

Originally Posted by Gillymonster View Post
Check out the West Coast section too. Lots of Norcal/SFO area players that'll be coming down for my Fall Event West on Veteran's Day weekend.
It's a 2-day campout pump event with stock class Only on Sunday.
Pm me if you need more info.
That sounds like a fun time. I might have to make it out for that.
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