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Originally Posted by uv_halo View Post
Thanks! I got the invite but, it was after it was no longer valid, and you didn't appear to be online.

I've added you and, mrmag to my contact list. That being said, this is my routine when I sign in:

I join random matches with each of my vehicles to earn the free X2 experience. Then, I settle on one and just start back to back matches to help move my progress tree.

I only notice the invites/chat when I'm in the garage. Is there some option to see that information while in game?

Wait a minute- you mean that as you move up in the tiers, you're not earning enough money to keep the equipment you unlocked running? That seems crappy. If I work my way up the tech tree ladder to get a vehicle and not be able to keep using it that's pretty lame. I'm of the mind that you should be able to earn enough money, even after getting shot out immediately, to at least repair and re-arm (assuming standard consumables).
I haven't seen a way to get notifications in game, and they only pop up at the bottom of the garage

And yes, as you move up in tiers, you can lose money in matches. Some tanks are money makers and others can set you back. If I lose a match in my T44, I generally lose 1-3k credits to repair and resupply.
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