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Forgot your pants, tsk, tsk ....

In high school I would very occasionally go commando and just wear jeans, maybe 3 or 4 times a year. So of course it's on one of those days they announce that the new football uniforms are in and all the players need to report to the gym to try them on to make sure we get the right size. Wasn't supposed to be a big deal. Just strip down to your boxers (or whatever) and try on the new pants. Only they did it right in the middle of the gym, not the locker room or behind some curtain or something. When I pulled the coach aside to tell him I had no boxers, first he looked at me with pity like "awe, the kid is too poor to afford underwear". But after I got back from trying the pants on (in the locker room) he must have decided I was just weird and always looked at me like "that kid just ain't right in the head".

tip of the day:
don't forget your skivvies
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