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This is my baby, I've had it for about fifteen years. She's a little dirty because she just got back from the Tippmann World Challenge at Hell Survivors. It's the first paintball gun I ever bought and is still my go-to. I went electro around 2000 but a few years ago I went back to the reliability and simplicity of the Carbine.

It has a 14" Dye aluminum barrel, Air Tipps lightened hammer, stiff Model 98 spring for use with HPA, Air Tipps safety (for shorter trigger pull), APP double trigger, Armson folding foregrip on wooden mount I made when I was about 13, generic RVA, stainless steel screws, metal feed neck that I just got from a member on here, and a custom made drop forward. Air Tipps isn't around anymore but they made parts for Tippmann guns during the 1990's.

Just put 3000 rounds through her with no breaks, and she's extremely quiet. In the words of Han Solo, "not much to look at, but she's got it where it counts."
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