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Originally Posted by CCM Photographer View Post
Both of these rifles shoot what appears to be ricocheting lasers. One's a slag and the other is corrosive and they both shoot purple and green, respectively. I thought all E-tech weapons shoot purple / neon purple, maybe that's not the case.

They do look quite different than other weapons though. Both have the same barrel and I haven't seen the barrel on any other weapon, so I'm guessing it's an E-tech barrel. They both have custom skins (metallic silver, and hexagon carbon) and they also have drum magazines. Drum magazines that only hold 3 bullets meh. -_-

The damage shown in the infocard is pretty good but in testing I found they do less damage than my common rifles.

I didn't know that E-tech was a different shade of purple.. I'll have to check them out later. Thanks for the info.
yup, those are e-tech. ricochet lasers are defintely e-tech. Also, the hexagons are a giveaway, its a design to look like a heat sink, all e-tech have it. and yes, look for the bright pinkish-purple names, those are e-tech. normal ones are a duller purple. Glad i can help!
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