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Minimag, VM-68 and Prostock cocker

I'm have been informed that we are in need of closet space again, so i'm letting go of some markers I picked up that I really haven't used in awhile.

First up is an Autococker. Shoots great, has a CP reg, blue delrin bolt and a lapco bigshot I put on her. As long as I have owned her she has stayed timed and shot consistant. SOLD

Second is a VM-68. I picked this up with the idea to put her in a stock, but just never got around to it. I'm including with her an armson barrel I think thats what came stock with her but I don't remember that far back, and a 7oz CO2 tank with an on/off valve since unless you want to run a remote the gun, thats the only tank that will fit under the barrel. The only problem with this gun is there is a 1/4 chunk taken out of the corner of the grip frame where it connects to the body. It's plastic and it chipped. Everything else is fine. She hasn't had any use in a couple of years, however last time I aired her up she shot well enough to empty my CO2 tank, those things are such hogs! 55 + shipping

Last is a minimag that has honestly never seen the field as long as I have owned her. I bought it off a guy because my valve was being crappy on my tac-one and I wanted to have a way to swap out valves if I was at a scenario and it went down, however I just got my tac tuned up by Big Evil and I no longer have that problem. That being said she is collecting dust so she needs a new home. Included in this is a all american barrel, rebuild kit, power tube spacer kit, venturi bolt/new bot, ACI Dial-a-welt, ANS valve/stock minimag valve and the cf stock mag frame and a benchmark double trigger frame. Just cleaned her up and tested her again and she shoots perfect. The price on her is SOLD
Here's a closer picture of the mag lot since it includes a lot

Thanks and let me know if there are any questions

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