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Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
My new gals! Purchased from the great Mr Garbers and the Tippmann crew at the TWC game last week.
Apparently Tippmann is working towards the much requested Olive Drab TiPX, but the process requires making a test pair then adjusting from there.

These two were the initital test. They came out a green/brown that changes depending on the light, sometimes they look brown, sometimes green. There won't be any more made this color.

It gives me a warm feeling to say, as I think back on all the stuff I heard about how these were junk and I was a liar on the payroll and they wouldn't sell:

Less than 3 years since they came out, here are TiPX's #42391 and #42392.

over 42,000 and still going strong... I love to say I told 'em so!

I may have to wait for an OD one now. Was thinking of picking up another.

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