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Arrow Precision Sterling Jubilee

We are proud to announce the release of a very special marker for a very special year. The Sterling Jubilee is a celebration of the achievements witnessed across the nation. It's been a great year to be British and it's a great year to release a very special version of the greatest British pump-action marker ever made.
The Sterling Jubilee comes with the same quality accuracy and attention-to-detail you expect from a Sterling marker. Each Jubilee comes with an internal gas hard line. In addition, the trigger sear, hammer sear and pickup are all hand-polished and matched for a crisp trigger pull. Externally, the markers will be laser-engraved with the Sterling Paintballs logo, incremental serial number and your name.
There will only be 32 of these markers made, 20 of them in black and 12 in Jubilee Grey. Itís a beautiful dark grey, understated but recognisable. We were inspired by the shades offered by some of Britainís prestigious car manufacturers. The Jubilee is available for £249 excluding delivery and VAT. We will start taking orders on Monday 1st October.

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