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2K6 Infamous Timmy PINK! Just added: Ego 08 and Invert Mini F/S/T

Alrighty folks up today are all my electros. Ive just gotten tired of these bad boys and im ready to try out something new. Its time to get ride of these to make way for something new and maybe another pump (i love pumps). So without further adieu,

2k6 Infamous Timmy (darker pink)
I picked this up a while ago when i was on a poppet marker binge. This one absolutely rips!!! Marker comes as you see it with cp reg bunny grips and all the other bells and whistles. Anno is not in the best of shape. I would rate is condition as 6/10 but mechanically its a 9/10.

Invert: sold
Timmy: $200 shipped
Ego: traded on pbn
My prices are obo please offer you never know what i may take.
Id rather sell but I wouldnt mind a Marq 6, any a4 and up Angel, Shocker, dm5-7, or something interesting. My prices have paypal fees and shipping included.

Thank you kindly


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