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Originally Posted by TechPB-Mike View Post
ugh hardlines...

I dealt with these on the stock class version of the Sterlings and it was a nightmare. Leak central

Supposedly they were coming out with adapters for microline but not sure if they did or not

I'm a HUGE fan of Sterling pumps, but hopefully they fixed up their issues with the hardlines.
Hi Mike. Thanks for your input. It's important that we receive feedback so we can continue to give our customers the best pump-gun available. I've been testing our production Jubilee and have sold several Stock Class Sterlings this year and can report no issues with leaks. The Jubilee is an exciting project for us and it has really energised the sales team at Powerball and the manufacturing team at Arrow Precision. Everyone has really come together with their ideas and input. We're looking forward to seeing the year out with a marker we're proud to share and hope to bring you even more exciting developments in the New Year!
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