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G7 Angel

Dust black G7 angel ****SOLD*****

Almost all stock
Charger included
Clamping feedneck
Original feedneck included
Freak back included
Also included stock barrel
Misc Barrel kit and bag

No major scratches or wear.

Charged it yesterday. Gassed it up and shot it today.

I have black tape over the front ports & trigger adjustments, just to keep paint out. It was a loaner gun for friends and I didn't want to spend time cleaning all the creavices.

Asking 300

This Gun has not been used in 6+ years. Every year I relubed and retested the gun. It is part of a collection I am now selling. Where available, I am including spare parts that I have.

I will pay for shipping in the US, USPS Priority. All sales paid through paypal. I will ship on confirmation of payment.

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